LISTO is an online platform devoted to dismantling colonialism in photography by providing a space that honors BIPOC artists.

We seek to widen the narrow lens through which marginalized communities are represented.  We elevate creative work by diverse photographers and empower artists to tell visual stories from within their own communities – stories that have long been misrepresented.

We reject voyeuristic and othering practices that historically have dominated photography. 

LISTO is founded by Sara Urbaez, a first-generation Dominican woman who believes in the power of visual storytelling. With a decade of industry experience, she has witnessed firsthand the lack of agency afforded to diverse artists and editors to tell their own stories. The platform hosts curated group shows based on themes, along with series of work from photographers.

We are ready to be seen and heard. Estamos Listos.

GOOP - “Loss, Launch, and Ashtanga One Visual Activist’s 2020 story”

The Luupe - “Demanding Change with High Hopes in Conversation with Photo Editor Sara Urbaez” 

Daylight Dialogues X Sara Urbaez, LISTO

The Messy Truth Podcast - On Photo Editing 

The Interview from Leave it to Leonor 

Sara Urbaez

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Tiffany Chan



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